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VMB YouTube view increaser

VMB is regarded as one of the best YouTube view increaser software’s in 2023. With VMB you will be able to get free YouTube views on all your existing and future videos from real viewers with high retention and engagement.

VMB is safe to use YouTube view increaser so you don’t have to be worried that your YouTube videos or channel will be terminated.

How to use VMB to Increase YouTube views

VMB is one of the best new YouTube views increaser software that lets you take advantage of SEO’s huge potential even if you don’t know SEO. But even if you do know SEO, it’s still a lot easier to come up with all the tags, keywords, and other things you need to perfectly optimize your titles, descriptions, and tags for videos. So, even though they say you don’t need any experience, I’d say that even if you do know SEO, it’s still a very powerful tool.

YouTube View Increaser 🎖️ Best Way How To Get More YouTube Views Free!

VMB Views Increaser features


In the dashboard, we have some stats and a list of popular searches that we can narrow down by region. We also have the tutorial videos, which are very helpful for getting up and running quickly.

VMB YouTube views increase dashboard

Keywords section:

YouTube Keyword research tool will crawl YouTube data and extract exact keywords or terms for you to target as these keywords will bring you views.

The main piece of advice is to choose keywords that aren’t too broad, so here we’ll just do a search for “sunglasses.” They suggest also researching from search suggestions, but we can narrow in on these other items later and it speeds up the search if we leave them out for now, so we’ll just go ahead and research our keyword.

Keywords view increaser

So, in about a minute, they give us a huge list of keywords that we can use to focus our SEO on, along with their rank, which shows how highly ranked these keywords are. They also say that you shouldn’t go for the keywords with the highest rank right away; instead, you should go for keywords with a medium level of difficulty. You can just scroll through these and find something that you like.

I like to focus on the words “best” and “popular,” so let’s right click on “best” and “get search results.” Now we can see that there are 394 videos targeting this tag, but only 17 videos targeting “popular.” Even though the rank difficulty is the same, it’s clear that “best” will be much easier to rank for, so let’s go ahead and check it off, copy it to our clipboard, and move on.

Video Optimization

With just few clicks VMB YouTube view increaser will pull out perfectly optimized data for you.

We’ll paste in our keyword and start generating. Here, you can see a few keywords I’ve already searched for, and you can see that what they do is give you the title.

VMB video details generator

The optimized title, optimized description, and optimized tags, and then a really easy way to change or add to those titles, phrases, and tags. So, I’ve already run “popular men’s sunglasses” here, and here I’ve run it again. You can see that they give you a suggested title. I’m not crazy about this one, so I’ll just go down to suggested titles and find something better. So, if you don’t like some just choose something else

VMB video details optimizator

Now, the same goes for the descriptions. I can say, “These are the phrases they suggested. Here’s our description, even though the grammar isn’t great and a lot of it might not make sense.”

This is highly optimized for SEO. It is meant to communicate with search engines, so don’t worry if the syntax or grammar is wrong or if it doesn’t make sense. It is carefully optimized to appeal to search engines, and that’s who we’re talking to here.

VMB niche analysis

We can scroll down under “suggested phrases” and find some phrases that we like.

Double-click it and see that it’s been added to our description. The same goes for tags. Here are the tags that are suggested. We can go through this list and choose any tags we want to add.

VMB niche analysis extraction

Pro version

The other feature of the pro version is the rank tracker. Here, you can upload the videos you’re tracking, and it will show you their current rank, their previous rank, and their best rank over time.

This doesn’t have to be your own videos; you can also track your competitors’ videos. Overall, Video VMB is a really useful YouTube views increaser tools. It makes optimizing your video SEO much easier and faster, and it gives you a useful tracking tool that you can use to track the success of your videos over time. If you’d like you can read in-depth Video Marketing Blaster review here.

view increaser tracker

Pros & cons

  • Works in every language and any market segment!
  • Generates 100% Free youtube views from Google and YouTube
  • Utilize The Massive Potential Of SEO Without Knowing About SEO
  • Special Offer: Normal Price: $97  Get VMB YouTube view bot for ONLY $27
  • Safe to use & frequent updates
  • No Cons

VMB YouTube View Increaser worth it?

Youtube view increase results

If you want more people to watch your YouTube videos and subscribe to your channel, you need to make sure they are optimized.

YouTube is the second-most-visited website in the world, and recent YouTube statistics show that more people are finding content through searches and watching more videos than ever before.

There is evidence that three out of four adults watch YouTube on their phones at home.

By understanding the basics of video SEO, you can make your YouTube videos more visible and grow the number of people who watch and interact with them.

YouTube is so popular right now that businesses can’t leave it out of their digital marketing plans.

When it comes to traditional SEO and video SEO, there are some things that are the same.

You still need to choose the right keywords for your content, research current trends, and keep up with your competition so that your video content is up-to-date and fully optimized and you will see results like these.

Youtube views increaser results

I will explain how you can do it yourself for free, note that if you are totally new to YouTube video SEO it will take long time for you to figure it out and you won’t see results fast.

Unfortunately, quality tools come with price like everything else in this world these days. SEO tools cost allot. VMB YouTube views increaser is an exception. It is dirt cheap and will get you free YouTube views.

Free View Increaser Hacks for YouTube:

Keyword Targeting for more views

To find out what people are searching for most on YouTube use VMB YouTube view increaser keyword feature or type a keyword related to your brand or business into the search bar on YouTube.

YouTube keyword research

This will bring up a list of keywords that people have been searching for recently that are related to that keyword.

This doesn’t mean you have to copy keywords that are already out there, but it can help you find opportunities and possible topics to use.

Google is another place to look for keyword ideas for your videos.

YouTube keyword research on Google

As Google ranks YouTube videos, the same way it ranks web pages, if you optimize your video listings, you increase the chance that it will also show up in Google search results.

Doing keyword research is a way to come up with new ideas and find out what people want right now.

Adding keywords to your YouTube videos will get you more free views and, hopefully, put you ahead of your competitors.

Optimizing Video File before Uploading it to YouTube

One of the most important things that 99% of people don’t know about is you need to optimize your YouTube video before even uploading it to YouTube!

Video file optimization

After you done your keyword research with VMB YouTube views increaser bot, and you have chosen the keyword. Before uploading your video to YouTube is to name your video file as your target keyword.

This will give you a massive advantage over other videos that are highly optimized. Google and YouTube will see your file name in HTML code.

Video Title

Video titles are extremely important for you to get more views. Not only perfect titles can make people click more on your video, but title of your video becomes as a Meta title in HTML code. Meta title is one of the most important parts of any SEO that helps Search engines to understand on what keyword to rank you for.

Perfect youtube video title for more views

A video’s title can make or break it, so we suggest putting no more than 70 characters in it.

Write your headline or title in a way that will get people’s attention. You can do this by making the title a question or by starting the title of your video with How-To.

Include the keywords you have found. Make sure to use your target keyword first thing in your video title followed by USP or clickbait. We all hate clickbait’s, but they sure do work. Even if you rank #4 good clickbait or USP in your title can get you even more free YouTube views that video on first spot.

Video Description

When it comes to YouTube SEO, a video description is very important. This will take ages for you if you don’t use VMB YouTube views increaser. VMB autogenerates perfectly optimized titles for your video in seconds.

video description for more views

You have 5k characters to use in this section and make sure you use all of it. You should include a summary of what the video is about that includes your main target keywords. Make sure you add your target keyword at least 5 times and use 10 related keywords.

  • Add links to other relevant videos on your channel or playlist. If you are trying to get people to visit your website or affiliate link. Make sure you add those first thing on your description section.
Inserting link

First 3 lines will be displayed always so, all your money links should be added there. Use emojis to increase visibility and CTR%. Make sure to use absolute URL, meaning with HTTPS or your links won’t work.

  • One of the best things to put in your video description is a list of timestamps for what happens in the video. This is great for keeping people interested because it keeps them from leaving the video and lets them choose the parts they want to see.
Youtube chapters

Not only this is great for user experience, but you will optimize your video for additional microdata. Add as much chapters as you can as, YouTube and google sees these segments as additional micro targeted videos and will rank separately on Google. Guilde on adding segments

  • Add hashtags. This is critical part that most small channels don’t utilize. Remember you want to use everything that is possible to help search engines understand what your video is about to ensure your video will rank on keywords that will get you free YouTube views
Youtube hashtags

YouTube Tags 

Tags are part of your YouTube SEO setup, but your audience won’t be able to see them.

When you tag your video with words that describe it, YouTube can suggest related videos to people who are watching it.

The best way to tag videos on YouTube is to use 20 tags per video. Make sure to use all suggested tags from VMB

YouTube view increase tags

Custom Thumbnails

When it comes to videos, the thumbnail is usually the first thing people notice about them.

Most people think that thumbnails are not a part of video SEO, and that they are only important for getting more people to watch your videos on YouTube as it can draw attention only from graphics.

YouTube thumbnails will increase views

But that is not the case at all! I will share one of the simplest hacks that got me always ranked #1 on YouTube. When you have created your video thumbnail make sure you name the file as your target keyword before uploading it to YouTube.

YouTube view increase free hack

YouTube and Google will see thumbnails Meta data, and this will help you rank even faster and higher. Simple yet very powerful hack.

Design will get you amazing results also. There is evidence that 95% of the most popular videos on YouTube have their own thumbnails.

The best way to make a thumbnail for YouTube is to use bright colors, big text, and a call to action.

Thumbnails are a big part of establishing your brand’s identity on your channel. Because of this, it’s important to keep your thumbnails the same across your channel so that viewers can tell your videos apart from those of your competitors.

If you want to change your thumbnails, you can do an A/B test. This means you test two different thumbnails to see which one gets more traffic and engagement.


🥇 Usability:Perfect for beginners or advanced
🏆 Feature:YouTube SEO, Keyword tool, meta data generator & more
🔥 Effectiveness:Instant for low competition keywords
💰 Price:Usual $97 now $27
🍀 Risk:Safe to use
👑 Operating system:All (Updated) – Online login

YouTube View Increaser

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Best youtube view increaser
Easy to use
Product effectiveness
Value for your money


You can get free YouTube views simply by optimizing Your videos. Proper keyword research and optimization will guarantee your YouTube videos will get more views. By using quality YouTube view bot, you can speed up the process and save money. Use VMB YouTube views increaser to speed up the process with few clicks.


YouTube View Increaser FAQs

Do You Suggest it?


Yes. This is by far the cheapest way how to identify your market keywords and target them. You can use alternatives like ahrefs for $89 monthly subscription and without automated features that VMB YouTube view increaser lets you do.

No. VMB is 100% to use.

Yes. Make sure to follow guidelines and ho-to videos. As you will learn how to target best keywords with most success in shortest time.

With VMB your videos will be optimized and will rank high on search engines – YouTube ad Google. This will ensure you will get real and free YouTube views.

Yes. If you fallow step-by-step instructions, you will see results.

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