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Conclusion: There are too many red flags. I would not suggest you using it.

🔥 Best alternative: Videly.com (Great product that delivers results and is 100% safe to use)

My review process always begins before I decide to purchase the product. Usually, I’ll go for it, even if the so-called “guaranteed results” seem too good to be true. There were too many red flags in the Ultrabot.io case, so I opted not to spend my money or time.

Follow my Ultrabot.io review as I point out all of the alarming red flags and provide you with a rock-solid alternative that has been on the market for a long time and has been shown by thousands of YouTube users to deliver excellent results while keeping your YouTube channel safe.

What is Ultrabot.io YouTube Bot?

Ultrabot.io is YouTube bot that claims to increase YouTube views fast through its automated features. While it may seem like a convenient solution at first glance, there are several reasons why I strongly advise against using ultrabot.io for increasing YouTube views.

I assume you already know the sales pitch of Ultraot.io if you landed on my Ultrabot.io review page, so I won’t waste your time rewriting their claims to be so called the best YouTube bot on the market in 2024 but instead will focus on a more in-depth review of the company.

Negative Aspects of Ultrabot.io

As we all want to boost our YouTube views for a variety of reasons, it is essential that we avoid putting our YouTube channel at risk of suspension by looking into alternative methods, even more so if we pay for a service that will ultimately damage our channel.

Violation of YouTube Terms of Service

First and foremost, utilizing Ultrabot.io poses a significant risk of violating YouTube’s strict terms of service. YouTube explicitly prohibits the use of automated tools or bots to inflate view counts or manipulate engagement metrics. By employing Ultrabot.io, users run the risk of facing severe penalties, including channel suspension or permanent deletion.

Risk of Channel Deletion

The reliance on artificial means (Generating fake views by using bots) to inflate view counts not only violates YouTube’s terms but also jeopardizes the integrity and longevity of a channel. YouTube uses sophisticated algorithms to detect fake activity, including bot-generated views. Channels found engaging in such practices risk losing not only their view counts but their entire YouTube channel deletion.

Lack of Organic Engagement

Engagement is one of the most important aspects you need to focus on for fast growth on YouTube and crucial engagement metrics to pay attention is: watch time, interaction in comment section and interaction with related videos on your channel. I tried my best to find solid evidence that Ultrabot.io takes care of these metrics in the proper way as using just browsers with proxies wont work.

Fake reviews

Customer feedback! Now that there are services to artificially inflate fake reviews on any platform, how can you have faith in them? In case of Ultrabot.io reviews on Trustpilot I can definitely separate fake vs real reviews. Real one has 1 star rating.

trustpilot ultrabot.io reviews

Free trial not working

Try it for your self. Company is in business from 2021 and free trial is still unavailable even they clearly advertise it from day one. If you search on YouTube “UltraBot.io how does it work – live demo” In this video comment section everyone is complaining on this matter as well.

ultrabot.io free download

I tried to reach out to Ultrabot.io customer support but with no luck.

No response from customer support

As previously stated, I attempted to contact customer support but was unsuccessful. Not so sure if I want to spend my money and never get back from them.

Ultrabot.io Business Location

All legitimate business will clearly state address of they business on website. In case of Ultrabot they clearly give you fake locations. I mean “UK Hanoi” where is it? In UK or Hanoi? This only would make sense if Ultrabot.io office is located in UK embassy in Hanoi I guess.

🥇 Rating:1 / 5
🏆 Value:High risk
🔥 Support:Bad
💰 Price:$7/w – $89/m

Best Alternative: Videly


In contrast to Ultrabot.io, Videly.com offers a safer and more sustainable approach to increasing YouTube views. Videly.com focuses on optimizing video content for search engines, ensuring that videos are discoverable by users actively seeking relevant content.

Compliance with YouTube Policies

Unlike Ultrabot.io, Videly.com operates within the bounds of YouTube’s terms of service. It emphasizes organic growth strategies that prioritize content quality and relevance, rather than artificially inflating view counts.

Safe Increase in YouTube Views

Videly.com employs proven SEO techniques to enhance video visibility and attract genuine viewership. By optimizing titles, descriptions, and tags, Videly.com helps content creators reach their target audience organically, without resorting to manipulative tactics.

Focus on Organic Growth

Furthermore, Videly.com emphasizes the importance of building a loyal subscriber base through engaging content and authentic interactions. Rather than chasing vanity metrics, Videly.com empowers creators to foster meaningful connections with their audience, driving long-term success on the platform.

Comparison Between Ultrabot.io and Videly.com

When comparing Ultrabot.io and Videly.com, the distinction is clear. While Ultrabot.io “offers” a shortcut to increase view, it comes at the expense of violating YouTube’s terms and risking channel deletion it is if it even forks and you get something for your money. In contrast, Videly.com prioritizes organic growth and sustainable engagement, laying the foundation for lasting success on YouTube.

Case Studies and Testimonials

A wide range of content creators personally experienced the benefits that Videly.com’s strategy for YouTube expansion has delivered. With increased engagement rates and increased visibility, Videly.com has helped content creators in reaching their goals while following to YouTube’s policies.

Utrabot.io Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Ultrabot.io may promise quick results, but its reliance on artificial means poses significant risks to YouTube channels. Instead, content creators should turn to Videly.com for a safe and effective approach to increasing YouTube views and fostering genuine audience engagement. By prioritizing organic growth strategies, creators can build a sustainable presence on YouTube while complying with platform policies.

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