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Product Rating Best for Website
Video Marketing Blaster Youtube bot
  • Genuine viewers with high retention
  • Videos will rank Nr.1 on Google & YouTube
  • Simple to use
  • Mobile & Free to download
  • YouTube Certified Over 1m+ active users
  • Simple to use & YouTube verified
TubeAssistPro YouTube Bot
  • Advanced capabilities
  • Newly updated features
  • Automatic Functions

Video Marketing Blaster

For YouTube marketers who are just starting out or who just don’t have the time to optimize their videos, Video Marketing Blaster is the most effective tool available.

If you want more views on your YouTube videos in 2022, it doesn’t matter what you do and it doesn’t matter how wonderful and great they are; you need to have your videos optimized.

Video Marketing Blaster is straightforward to use and quickly propels your films to the top of relevant search results on both YouTube and Google for the keywords that are guaranteed to bring in actual YouTube views.

Main Features

  • Discovers unexplored buyer keywords that have the potential to be easily monetized.
  • Create titles, descriptions, and tags that are properly tuned for search engines.
  • Generates one hundred percent of its traffic at no cost from Google and YouTube.
  • Utilize the tremendous potential of SEO without having any prior knowledge of SEO.
  • There is no need for prior experience, and one may get actual views very quickly.

Pros & Cons

  • Simple to use
  • Cheap. Use Coupon Code: “SPECIAL70” and get $70 DISCOUNT
  • Works for every video
  • Your channel is 100% safe to use VMB
  • Windows operating system only


Video Marketing Blaster helps you get good Internet rankings by giving you the best SEO-optimized titles and tags. It also lets you use buyer keywords, which can help your SEO a lot, and helps you find the right safe YouTube bot if you want to improve your YouTube channel.

All of these things make it easier and faster for potential customers to find you, which means that more of them will become real customers before you know it.

You already know how important it is to use social media if you want to grow your business and get the word out about it.

In fact, it is impossible to keep getting new customers without Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube.

Potential customers today know how to use social media. If you’re not good with technology and need a little help in this game, don’t worry. There are tools here to help.

Businesses that want to advertise online can use tools like Video Marketing Blaster, which offer a lot of services. These services range from SEO help to the best safe to use YouTube views bot and much more.

When you have big goals but a small budget,

If you’re going to advertise your business online, you might as well try to be the most successful business in your field.

This is a lot easier to do with the help of tools that are designed to help businesses get started and keep adding customers year after year.

Help that is useful in the real world

The best thing about using tools like Video Marketing Blaster is, of course, that their products and services work.

Whether you run a store, a consulting firm, a restaurant, or a diner, you can’t ignore social media when you’re planning how to market and promote your business.

No matter how much you know about SEO or how much experience you have building backlinks, the right tool can help you get great results. Their advice and help work because they are run by marketing and SEO experts who can turn your business into a money-making machine before you know it.

When running a business, time and money are important. With the perfect safe to use YouTube bot and the other tools they use, you can almost just sit back and let them do all the hard work for you.

At Video Marketing Blaster, they are real experts at what they do, but in the meantime, it will be much easier to learn a lot of these things on your own.

Your main goal for your business is to get more people to look at it, and these tools help you do just that.

Many of them let you start for free, and since they work with all kinds and sizes of businesses, they can help you become not just a business owner but a successful one quickly.

You just need to look up these tools online and let them handle the rest.

Even if you have no idea what YouTube is or what SEO facts and statistics are, they can take you by the hand and help you get started right away.


TubeBuddy is, without a doubt, the most effective YouTube bot for managing huge channels and gathering intel about other users’ channels.

As a result of TubeBuddy’s certification by YouTube, you won’t need to be worried about the possibility of having your videos or channel removed.

TubeBuddy is a very significant business that is handled by a huge number of individuals that are creative and focused on technology. They have fantastic customer care and are constantly integrating new features that are more complex.

Main Features

You can optimize and grow your channel by working inside the YouTube platform. When using other products, you will need to navigate away from YouTube in order to use their features.

Unlike TubeBuddy, the features of the YouTube bot load directly inside YouTube’s page, maintaining continuity with your typical routine.

Some of the many incredible features that are included with TubeBuddy.

  • Analyze and duplicate your rivals’ video tags.
  • Bulk playlist, cards, end screens, thumbnail change.
  • SEO studio, organic rankings and tracking system, industry best audit.
  • Auto translator and tag translator.
  • Vid2Vid marketing, subscriber engagement, and share tracker.
  • Social monitor, monetisation audit, health report, and channel backup.
  • Youtube watch app online, no download required. Over 63 functions.
  • 100% risk-free for usage YouTube traffic bot
  • Download without cost
  • Over 1m channels utilise TubeBudy
  • Excellent reputation
  • Online control panel – Accessible from any device or location
  • Always current and excellent support
  • New features enhancements
  • Mobile
  • No cons

YouTube can be a great way to build your business, and if you have your own channel on YouTube, you need TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy makes it much easier to do almost anything on YouTube, especially if you run your own channel.

Let’s face it: everyone goes to YouTube when they want practical, easy-to-understand “how to” and business information, and is the best app for managing and running YouTube.
With TubeBuddy, you can download the app for free and get a number of features that help you solve problems and make managing your YouTube channel much faster, easier, and more productive.

App is online and free to use without downloading, but don’t let that fool you.
This is a powerful tool for management that can help with Alexa skills, bulk-processing services, marketing and promotion options, video SEO, data and research, and a lot more.

This app is the best for managing your YouTube account for all of these reasons and more. It is also easy to use and quick to learn.

Under each category, it gives you useful tips that you can follow even if you don’t know much about technology. It also gives you the chance to add certain products to your YouTube account so that you can get the most out of it. It’s also a great app for your business, no matter what kind it is, because it helps all kinds of businesses do well.

Most importantly, TubeBuddy is the best YouTube bot for channel management because it can help you improve your SEO so that people who are looking for your type of business on the Internet get better results.
When people search for your type of business and your business name isn’t on the first page or two, you might lose customers. TubeBuddy helps make sure your business name is at the top of that list, which means more customers coming your way.

tubebuddy see dashboard for bots

Useful Things You Can’t Live Without

No matter how long you’ve had your YouTube channel, it’s likely that you can still learn more about how to market it so that you can get more customers.
This is where TubeBuddy comes in. Their useful tools make it easy to get the products and services you need, so no matter how successful your channel is, you can always grow your business even more.

TubeBuddy is the best way to learn how to use YouTube better and learn how to promote your business better. It can also help you improve your YouTube skills.
If you want even more help from them, you can sign up for one of their low-cost programs, which can cost as little as $2.99 per month.

Of course, you don’t have to use these programs because the basic download is free. This means that even new businesses can take advantage of the many benefits and help that this well-organized app offers.


In the year 2022, TubeAssistPro is the only YouTube bot that continues to function correctly.

Excellent instrument for taking a more direct approach.

This bot is just what you need if you are searching for software that can carry out automatic operations in the background.

TubeAssistPro is a useful tool that, without a doubt, will result in an increase in the number of viewers and subscribers for your channel.

Legitimate business that does not lag behind the times and continually adds new features, in contrast to competing bots that were programmed in someone’s basement and are never updated and provide no customer service.

TubeAssistPro is a highly recommended piece of software for YouTube that allows you to automate various operations while it is running in the background.

Main Features

  • Like/dislike video
  • Comment on video and reply to comments and replies
  • Send private message
  • Follow people. Subscribe to channel
  • Effective Search
  • Video View – Play your video to get more video views
  • Live Video Browse and Commenting
  • Excellent name recognition
  • Constantly up to date, with excellent support
  • Updates with new functions and corrections of bugs
  • Innovative capabilities
  • Caution is advised before using


If you use YouTube to advertise your company, you are doing well.

YouTube is an excellent marketing tool that can rapidly convert prospective consumers into actual ones, but only if it is used correctly.

Thanks to solutions such as TubeAssistPro, you may now rest a bit easier if you’ve already created your channel but are having difficulty gaining enough views.

These tools provide support with SEO efforts, account management, and locating the YouTube bot with the most black-hat characteristics, therefore increasing your views and, consequently, your client base.

All of these tools and more are accessible to you if you investigate the growth potential offered by TubeAssistPro.

YouTube is an essential channel for company owners, but you don’t need to worry if you don’t know much about it since there are marketing support tools accessible to assist you at every stage.

The professionals at TubeAssistPro can assist you in acquiring a YouTube bot with the most sophisticated capabilities to enhance your marketing efforts and raise the likelihood that prospective consumers will become actual ones.

Moreover, their goods and services improve the likelihood that your YouTube channel will be shared with relevant people – viewers who are far more likely to visit you in person or online and patronize your company, not to mention become a long-term client who will boost your bottom line.

TubeAssistPro also assists you with subscribing to relevant YouTube users and channels, and whether you have one YouTube account or ten, they will present you with easy, but effective strategies to build your company on a regular basis so that you can focus on other tasks.

Your live broadcasts will gain immediate attention and targeted traffic, and you can add tasks with detailed explanations to make it simpler for viewers to maximize your channel’s potential.

Best of all, TubeAssistPro is always expanding and introducing new goods and services, allowing you to acquire not just more users but also more prospective customers who are more likely to convert rapidly.

As a company owner, you naturally have a lot on your plate, but the appropriate marketing tool can make your life much simpler, and TubeAssistPro is one of such products.

Along with all of their other goods and services, they can give you with a YouTube bot that has most of the characteristics necessary to raise your views, so your company will have no choice but to grow.

Bots are an essential marketing tool, but TubeAssistPro combines this technique with hundreds of others to increase the likelihood that your company will grow and prosper.

In addition, they will tailor your services to maximize the likelihood of success, which is likely what your organization needs most.

What Exactly Is a YouTube view Bot?

YouTube bot can be a computer program or web application. It operates in the background and can perform various activities and tasks but the main goal is to increase YouTube video views, automated comment feature, video sharing, and to increase subscriber count.

Bot automates many tasks and may be programmed to do tasks at a certain time or run nonstop.

Popularity of YouTube view bot is due to the difficulty of ranking well on the YouTube search page and receiving organic views. Even more so if your YouTube channel is not among the most popular channels.

Even if your video is exceptionally good, it may be practically hard to get organic exposure as your video simply is not showing in top positions when certain keywords are used.

This is why YouTube view bots are useful.

Many YouTubers utilize apps or services to increase their views, despite the fact that this practice may violate YouTube’s rules of service in certain situations. To be certain your videos or channel wouldn’t get suspended we only suggest you tools that are safe to use.

Why you need YouTube Bot

Some bots are automated programs that artificially raise the number of views on a video.

This is one of the most popular bots since YouTube profits on views, and content producers are compensated depending on how much attention their videos get.

Bot assists users in artificially increasing the number of views they have received on their videos. This is necessary given that continuously pushing the refresh button on a video does not improve the “view count.”

The algorithm that runs YouTube constantly analyzes videos in an effort to evaluate each watch.

Increasing the “view” count on a website by continually pushing the refresh button would, of course, have that effect; nevertheless, the algorithm works to assess whether or not those views are authentic.

It also records users based on views, so a user who only ever continually refreshes a single video may be singled out and removed from the system.

Since YouTube is able to identify IP addresses, reloading the page won’t be effective.

It is possible for YouTube view bots to circumvent the algorithm and succeed in raising the number of views on a video.

Another important caution to keep in mind is that the same kinds of views that have the ability to bias the system also have the capacity to distort the audience who watches the video.

If a large number of users are coming from a certain nation, then your video will become popular in that country rather than in the country in which you would want it to be popular.

Those that purchase bots specifically for the aim of changing the placement of your video might thus do so.

What do YouTube bots do?

Most people think that YouTube bot may boost video views, publish comments, add subscribers and likes but best YouTube view bot can do much more than these functions. 

Ok, our ultimate goal is to grow our channel and get more views and subscribers but when your channel is massive you will quickly notice the difficulty of managing a large YouTube channel. 

Best apps let you automate almost any activity on your channel while managing videos in bulk, meaning bulk actions with few clicks. 

With a few clicks you can spy on your competitors and clone important data from their videos that help your videos to appear on suggested video sections or by default play after their video thus ensuring your video gets more views.

You can find free view bot for YouTube views usually on Reddit

Best YouTube Views Bot

🥇Best YouTube view BotVMB
🏆Most used views botTubeBuddy
🔥Now trending TubeAssistPro
💰Best valueMedia Mister

YouTube View Bot designed to increase 100% real & organic views (direct views, referrer views and suggestion views). It drives quality traffic and helps your videos / channel rank higher in YouTube & Google search.

High Retention Views

Auto Viewer makes sure that you get views with a high-retention rate. (YouTube defines Retention Rate as “an overall measure of how well your video keeps its audience.” It’s important because it shows YouTube how much of your video people watched – or in other words, how interesting your video is).

Unlimited Views, 100% Safe & Secure

In this bot top all tools are safe for your YouTube / Ad sense account. You can get unlimited views until finally you get top ranking..

Keeps Your Channel Always On YouTube Partner Program

Good reason for you to use assistance is that YouTube no longer allows creators to make money until the channel reaches 4,000 watch hours in 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. This is the best solution for you to keep your channel always on YouTube Partner Program.


Which bot is best for YouTube?

Our test shows that Video Marketing Blaster is the best YouTube view bot right now. For the fastest results we suggest complementing VMB with Tubebuddy.

Is YouTube view bot safe?

Some YouTube bots may be prohibited by YouTubes TOS. It is important that you use only those tools that are safe to use and won’t get you videos or channels suspended. We only suggest those tools that are 100% safe to use.

Are you able to bot on YouTube?

Yes, although I wouldn’t recommend using free tools. The vast majority of these bots will either not operate at all or will provide you with views that have no retention time. It is essential to not only get a large number of views, but also views that are retained for an extended period of time and will register as actual human-like views.

How can you get fake views?

There are websites that sell fake views where you may purchase them. YouTube is capable of identifying bogus video views rather easily. Purchasing fake views violates YouTube’s terms of service and puts your video or channel at risk of suspension; I would never advise you to use cheep service.

YouTube’s ability to identify fraudulent views.

Yes, here is an excellent, in-depth article: “The Thriving Business of Fake YouTube Views.” YouTube is very adept at identifying fraudulent views. Therefore, we never recommend investing in bogus services.

Is it unlawful to purchase YouTube views?

Yes. The whole YouTube policy on false views is available on Fake Engagement Policy. YouTube prohibits anything that falsely boosts the number of views, likes, comments, or other metrics via the use of automated systems or by providing videos to people without their knowledge. In addition, material that exists primarily to stimulate audience participation/engagement (views, likes, comments, etc.) is forbidden.

Which is better: a YouTube view bot or a service?

Both are viable options; however, I choose using the service since it does not need the installation of any software; with that being said, I do make use of software. Simply log in to the members area, and your campaign management will be accessible from any device. Downloading the bot into your computer or other device is required, and it will only function properly on the device that it is installed on.

How can you manipulate YouTube so that you receive more views?

YouTube is not vulnerable to hacking. You have the option of using software or purchasing fake views. Fake views on YouTube are generated by bots that use proxies to simulate the actions of real users watching videos. It is simple to identify these views, which might be detrimental to your channel. It is possible for YouTube to suspend either your video or your channel; in the best case scenario, views will be deleted