video marketing blaster review 2024

Video Marketing Blaster Review (2024) 🎖️ Analysis & My Results

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Important Notice!

Video Marketing Blaster is no longer available. There is no information indicating that VMB access will be reopened anytime soon for purchase.

Best alternative is Videly

Videly review is a updated version of Video Marketing Blaster created by the same development team and runs in the cloud and doesn’t require program downloads, which makes it easier to use.

Video Marketing Blaster Review 2024

Video marketing blaster purchase


I actually purchased it with my own money to conduct the best Video Marketing Blaster review out there

video marketing blaster 2023

Video Marketing Blaster is a software application that assists users in creating and promoting marketing-related videos. The program offers capabilities like keyword research, video production and optimization, and video submission to many platforms.

One of the best YouTube bots for anyone who wants to get more views on YouTube fast. “Video Marketing Blaster” will rank your video on the first page of YouTube and Google therefore your video will generate real human views fast. “Video marketing Blaster” is easy to use and it comes with a money back guarantee so that you can try it risk free.

In a Hurry?

No time to go through entire Video Marketing Blaster review?
Video Marketing Blaster is an excellent and best YouTube view bots for the price. Anybody who wants to rank their videos on the top page of YouTube and Google, where your video will get genuine human views quickly and continuously.


🔥 Does it work? Yes
💰 Is it worth the money? Yes
🥇Do we suggest it? Yes


VMB (SOLD OUT) Give Videly A Try

What is Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing blaster

Video Marketing Blaster will do all the keyword research for you and then create a video optimization report so that you can see exactly what you need to do to get your video ranked. Video Marketing Blaster will also create a thumbnail for your video and help you with the tags. Video Marketing Blaster is a great tool for anyone who wants to get their videos ranked on the first page of YouTube and Google.

When it comes to video marketing, there are a lot of tools out there that claim to be able to help you get more views on YouTube. One of these tools is Video Marketing Blaster. In this review, we’ll take a look at whether or not Video Marketing Blaster is a scam or if it’s a product worth using.

Video Marketing Blaster is a tool that helps you optimize your videos for YouTube SEO. It also provides you with an analysis of your competition, so you can see what keywords they are targeting and how you can improve upon their

Download Video Marketing Blaster

Download video marketing blaster

Download Video Marketing Blaster

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After downloading, install the application on your PC and run the Blaster Suite Manager from your desktop.

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How Does Video Marketing Blaster Work?

Take a look at how I used Video Marketing Blaster to test it.


    1. Drive real traffic with high retention for free: You can use VMB to drive real traffic to your videos for free. The tool helps you to get more views on your videos by optimizing them for YouTube and Google.

    1. Rank #1 on YouTube and google: Helps you to rank your videos on YouTube and Google. The tool uses various techniques to optimize your videos for the search engines.

    1. YouTube SEO is difficult to learn: You can use VMBto do the YouTube SEO for you. The tool optimizes your videos for the search engines and helps you to get more views.

    1. Video Marketing Blaster does it for you in a few clicks: You can use it to optimize your videos in just a few clicks. The tool helps you to get more views on your videos by optimizing them for YouTube and Google.

How wideo marketing blaster works

Reverse engineer top ranking videos in your niche


Optimize data for you to copy and upload


Will analyze the top ranking videos in your niche and extract data that you can use to improve your own videos. This includes information on keywords, tags, and other factors that can help you get more views. You can then upload this information to your own video and see an increase in views.

Rank for high traffic keywords


Will assist you rank in the top spots for keywords that people are looking for. This is because the program studies the best-performing videos in your niche and extracts the keywords and other variables they use to succeed. You may then utilize this data to improve your own films and increase their viewership.

Results using video marketing blaster in 2023

YouTube video will get real human views FAST!

YouTube view booster

When you use a it, your videos will get real human views fast and they will be free for the rest of your life. You will be ranking in first positions when someone wants to find your video not only on YouTube but Google as well.

Video and SEO marketing

Video and SEO marketing goes hand in hand for your YouTube channel growth. In order to gain real human views you need to do SEO marketing. With “Video Marketing Blaster” YouTube SEO will be fast and easy with no additional cost.

Video marketing blaster Marketing

Powerful Video marketing tool

“Video Marketing Blaster” is a great Video Marketing tool for everyone who is looking to gain more views on private or business YouTube channels no matter how big or small the channel is. VMB will SEO optimize YouTube videos with essential SEO elements for you to rank higher on Search engines like YouTube and Google.

Video Marketing Blaster Features

Before I go into detail about all of the capabilities that VMB has to offer, I want to emphasize how user-friendly it is.
The very first time I used the program, navigating its many menus and settings seemed very natural and effortless.

Module #1: Keyword Module

Video Marketing Blaster Module #1 review

The Keyword Module will provide a comprehensive list of associated keywords for you to employ in order to get your YouTube videos up to the top of the page on YouTube.

In addition to this, it will provide you with information on these keyword terms, such as the possible number of competition or the total number of searches per month.

Video marketing blaster Keyword Module review

Here’s a great trick you can use to make VMB work even better.

I used the term “fishing kayaks” to test the keyword module. I got great ideas for my target keyword and perfectly made titles, tags, descriptions, etc. for the videos.

While I was testing Video Marketing Blaster, I found that I got even better results for more competitive keywords if I took the target keyword that VMB gave me and gave my video file the same name before I put it on YouTube.

There are other keyword generators outside Video Marketing Blaster, but after analyzing the results of practically all of the factors we evaluated and compared, I’ve come to the conclusion that VMB is by far the greatest option to choose.

Function Video Marketing Blaster Keyword Finder Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Google And YouTube search
👉 Finding keyword ideas ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
👉 Finding related keywords ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
👉 Measuring difficulty and competition ✔️ ✔️
👉 Quantity generated ✔️ ✔️
👉 Automated actions for YouTube ✔️
👉 Automated Title optimization ✔️
👉 Automated Description optimization ✔️
👉 Automated Tag generation ✔️
👉 User friendliness ✔️ ✔️
💳 Price $27 (Lifetime) Starts at $99 / month Free

Module #2: Auto Generate Video Details

Video Marketing Blaster Module #2 review

Video marketing blaster Module #2 : Auto Generate Video Details review

With auto generated video data it is simple to automatically construct video titles, descriptions, and tags that will outrank all of the other competitors with only the click of a mouse. It will produce ideal titles, descriptions, and tags that are optimized for search engines, and it will generate a large amount of perfect titles, descriptions, and tags from the templates that are already integrated into the program. Additionally, you have the option to export your titles, descriptions, and tags to Mass Video Blaster.

Module #3: Analyze Competitors

 This module will study and spy on your competitors, providing you with specific statistics on the level of difficulty involved in ranking in a certain niche. Over seventy different ranking considerations are taken into account when VMB searches for the relevant information. You will be able to find out precisely what signals you need to benefit from in order to acquire top results, as well as the weak points that your competitors’ videos have, how simple it is to rank for a certain keyword, and how easy it is to rank for a specific keyword.

Video Marketing Blaster Module #3: Analyze Competitors review

Module #4: Rank Tracker

Video Marketing Blaster Module #4: Rank Tracker review

You need to know precisely what video is ranking on YouTube, how each video is ranking on Google, for what keyword, and how many views it is receiving in order to be successful on YouTube and earn views and subscribers. Tracking the rankings of all of your YouTube videos is now a breeze thanks to this module. Check to see whether your videos on YouTube are appearing in Google search results. Track the views, likes, and comments made on your video over time. Check to see if any other YouTube videos are ranking in Google search results for your topic.

Video Marketing Blaster Feedback

Because I wanted my review of video marketing blaster to be as objective as possible, I couldn’t depend just on my own personal experience and the results of my own tests. I needed to find out what other customers of VMB thought about the product and what kind of feedback they had given about it.

Positive Feedback

I’ve tried to upload 10 videos yesterday… AND ALL of them ranked on the first page in a couple of hours!

If you love free traffic and you want to rank on YouTube than this is the product you want to go for!

Sorin Constantin – Top UDEMY Instructor


    • App is user-friendly and practical for beginners.

    • The app offers an intuitive UX.

    • The app enables YouTube ranking enhancement.

    • Provides reliable keyword search analysis.

    • It has a keyword finder that might be effective for ranking improvement.

    • The Niche Analysis Module enables you to determine how many views, backlinks, and signals are required for improved rankings.

    • The Rank Tracking Module is an additional handy feature that allows you to monitor your performance.

    • Additionally, you may follow the ranks of videos.

    • The program provides Agency Rights to improve your video marketing results.

Negative Feedback

The only negative feedback I could find among the vast majority of positive ones was that API Quota was sometimes exceeded and VMB didn’t extract data.
It’s easy to fix, though, and you can learn more about it here: No keywords returned, API quota exceeded, No Competition returned

Other Video Marketing Blaster Reviews

Because I wanted my evaluation to be as impartial as it could be, I couldn’t rely only on the findings of my own personal experiments and experiences while writing it.

I wanted to find out what other people who have reviewed Video Marketing Blaster thought about the product and what kind of feedback they had provided about it. I also needed to know how they felt about the product.

Positive Reviews

Video Marketing Blaster has proven to be a very effective SEO tool to take you to higher rankings. It optimizes your titles, tags and descriptions, which makes your traffic increase very fast – with just a few clicks

Google search spinet

Negative Reviews

There are absolutely no bad Video Marketing Blaster reviews online. Tool does what it is advertised to do, it is at very low cost and should be affordable for everyone and is one time payment only to use as much as you need to. 

Some reviews state that it is not advanced enough but for the price it is one of the best marketing tools you can get now.

Read more Video Marketing Blaster reviews on,, Quora and Github

Video Marketing Blaster pricing

These days Video marketing tools are expensive. Most of them in my tests are really good but not all of us can afford them. YouTube SEO will be absolutely a must in your video marketing success.

Most SEO marketing tools cost a lot and bills you each month to use. Video marketing blaster will cover you will all cornerstone YouTube SEO elements only charging you 27$

You buy it once but use it on as many YouTube videos you want. This is an absolutely great deal and awesome

marketing tool to have in your YouTube’s toolbox.

Give Videly A Try

Who Is Video Marketing Blaster For?

In addition to explaining what the program can do, this review of Video Marketing Blaster emphasizes its suitability for various audiences. Even if you lack experience, you should be able to use Video Marketing Blaster with little trouble.

Who may benefit from using Video Marketing Blaster?

After running multiple tests on VMB myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that VMB will help these groups of people the most:


    1. Those who create content and want to increase their material’s visibility by optimizing it for the web.

    1. Anybody hoping to push their films to the top of the list by strategically using keywords to do so.

    1. Persons interested in conducting niche audience research.

    1. Authors who are interested in learning how rankings are made.

Here is a rundown of who could get the most out of it:


    • Favorable to Freelancers

    • Marketers Affiliate Marketers

    • Small and large businesses

    • International companies

    • Social Media Marketing Professionals


    • Owners and operators of a place

    • Amazon and local online retailers

    • Media agencies

    • Other online enterprises

    • International local businesses

Is it Video Marketing Blaster Scam?

After my thorough inspection I have concluded that Video Marketing blaster is not a scam. It is rather simple software – no rocket science and won’t get you 50m views in seconds and they don’t advertise that. SEO for your videos is a must have before you even try anything else. 

Those who understand it invested a long time researching how YouTubes and Google algorithms work and yes, you can find this information for free online but it will take you months to figure out how it works.

Video Marketing Blaster will get you perfectly optimized data for you simply copy and paste on your video and for the price it is one of the best tools for you to start with.

Who is behind Video Marketing Blaster

Creators of video marketing blaster

Stoica and Vlad M. are responsible for the Video Marketing Blaster. Having worked in the field for over 10 years, they build and promote software online. They have been studying Google’s algorithm for quite some time, and have been able to bypass it thanks to their efforts. They realized the value of their finding and made the decision to publish it for the benefit of everybody. As a type of automatic SEO tool, they spread this to everyone who is interested.

They found that as internet marketing has grown in popularity, more and more people are looking for ways to increase website visitors to their own enterprises. They developed this solution so that even new internet businesses would have a fighting chance by having access to the possibility of generating sufficient traffic.

Both have created more than 9 marketing tools and run highly profitable businesses. You can check full list of software that have launched with high success at

Customer Support

As mentioned previously “Video Marketing Blaster” is released by legitimate companies and customer support is a vital component for good relationship with customers. Support tickets usually will be responded to in 24 hours.

Video Marketing Blaster Alternatives

video marketing blaster alternatives

Video Marketing Blaster vs. Videly

Both Video Marketing Blaster and Videly are software applications that enable customers to produce and promote marketing videos.

Video Marketing Blaster is a stand-alone SEO Keyword program for Windows and MAC that assists in the ranking of videos on Google and YouTube.
In contrast, Videly is a cloud-based version of the program that is incompatible with Macs.

video marketing blaster vs videly

Videly has been redesigned utilizing cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence and is entirely cloud-based.
It employs a three-step procedure to deliver targeted traffic to websites by discovering highly lucrative keywords, producing title, description, and tags, and uploading videos.

Both Video Marketing Blaster and Videly provide many tools for video production and optimization; nevertheless, there is no clear agreement about which one is superior, since the outcomes rely on the user’s particular requirements and tastes.

Some users have experienced success using the older version of Video Marketing Blaster.
Nevertheless, Videly is regarded to be on an entirely other level than Video Marketing Blaster.

Check out full list of VMB alternatives.

Video Marketing Blaster Bonus

In addition to the many benefits that the Video Marketing Blaster offers, it also includes a number of important extras, which are as follows:

Video marketing blaster bonus

#Bonus 1 -Apple Style Intro/Outro Video Pack

Consists of a collection of sequences of introductory and concluding videos created specifically for the purpose of an individual’s growth. A person’s life may be significantly improved by participating in any one of its many specialized sub-communities, which include fitness, video lessons, losing weight, and making money online.

#Bonus 2 – Vintage Photo Pack:

Consists of a gallery of images that users may download and include into their videos in the form of slides. They are adaptable to any kind of video production.

#Bonus 3 – 850 Royalty Free Images:

Includes a large number of pictures that are all free of copyright and license fees. It is recommended that a you make use of them on their websites or in their videos.

#Bonus 4 – The YouTube Review Trick:

Is a digital book that guides folks through the actions they need to take in order to maximize the potential of the launch of their goods.

#Bonus 5 -100 Music Loops

Guarantees that people produce high-quality videos with high-quality background audio in order to attract a greater number of viewers.

#Bonus 6 – Audio Video Platinum Pack:

Provides anyone with access to high-quality video and audio tracks that they may use anyway they see fit and at no additional cost. It includes a variety of videos, such as promotional videos and sales videos.

#EXTRA BONUS – Spokesperson Video Intros Pack

If you are need spoke persons in your videos this Extra Video Marketing Blaster will be perfect for you.


So, there you have it: a well researched and evaluated review of Marketing Blaster review article that may assist you in determining the effectiveness of Video Marketing Blaster. The Video Marketing Blaster Review seeks to respond to the issue of whether or not the program is worthwhile. Nevertheless, Video Marketing Blaster has features and up-sells that make the investment worthwhile.

🥇 Rating: 4.8 / 5
🏆 Value: Permanent results
🔥 Support: Good
💰 Price: $27

After using the software myself for months, I can say with confidence in my Video Marketing Blaster review that it will still be useful and work miracles in 2024.

Video Marketing Blaster Pros & Cons


1️⃣ What is Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing Blaster works by optimizing your videos for the YouTube algorithm. This means that your videos will be more likely to appear in the search results and get more views.

2️⃣ How do I get more views from Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing Blaster will extract data from other popular videos and generate data for you to upload on your YouTube video setting. This will ensure your video will rank for specific keywords on YouTube there for generating real human views fast.

3️⃣ Is Video Marketing Blaster Safe?

Yes. VMB is 100% to use as it does not violate any of YouTube rules.

4️⃣ Is Video Marketing Blaster YouTube certified?

No. But you are 100% safe to use it on your videos.

5️⃣ Is Video Marketing Blaster worth it?

Yes. If you know a lot of YouTube SEO then you don’t need it. But if you are a beginner Video Marketing Blaster will help you tremendously and save you a lot of time.

6️⃣ How do you use video marketing Blaster?

First you run the program to find keywords in your niche that will bring you viewers. Copy generated data from Video Marketing Blaster and add them to your video. That’s it. Your video will be on top positions generating for you real views 24/7

7️⃣ Does Video Marketing Blaster work on macOS?

Yes. In recent update Video Marketing Blaster now works on macOS

8️⃣ Is Video Marketing Blaster really helpful?

Yes. It is especially useful for beginner YouTubers and data that VMB provides is essential for your videos.

9️⃣ What is Video Marketing Blaster Refund Policy?

60 day money back guarantee. Protected by policy.

🔟 Should you use Video Marketing Blaster?

Yes, you should use Video Marketing Blaster if you want to get more real views on your videos.

🤷🏼 Video Marketing Blaster Alternative? and TubeBuddy both can be alternatives for Video Marketing Blaster. Both will be more expensive and will require a learning curve to use properly.

❓ Is Video Marketing Blaster a Scam?

No, Video Marketing Blaster is not a scam. It is a legitimate tool that can help you get more views on YouTube.

🤔 How can I download Video Marketing Blaster for free?

Despite the fact that you may theoretically test Video Marketing Blaster risk-free due to the 60-day money-back guarantee, you must pay for it up front, thus it is not free. Video Marketing Blaster is not a free application, and any website that claims otherwise is either being dishonest or distributing illicit copies, neither of which are desirable.

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Love Video Marketing Blaster. It absolutely gave my channel a push. Now I have moved to Videly
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Good product. Thank You
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