YouTube View Bot Python: Don’t Use to Increase Views!

YouTube has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular online video-sharing services available today. Due to the fact that millions of people are sharing their work, the battle for views is quite fierce.

A growing number of users are resorting to Python YouTube Bots in order to boost their view counts and expand their visibility.
Within the scope of this piece, we will investigate what Python YouTube views bots are and how they function.

What is Python YouTube View Both?

Python YouTube view bot is a term used to describe a piece of software that was developed to artificially enhance the number of views on a YouTube video by utilizing the computer language Python.

These bots carry out their operations by submitting several automated queries to the servers that host the video on YouTube. This gives the impression that a large number of individuals are viewing the video.

It is essential that you be aware that the use of such bots violates the terms of service for YouTube, which may result in the suspension or deletion of your account.

Open-source Python Bots

There are several open-source projects available online that allow users to create their own python YouTube view bot.

MShawon / youtube-view-bot

The “python bot open-source youtube selenium beautifulsoup youtube-bot youtube-view-bot” is one of the most widely used YouTube view bots that is based on the Python programming language. The Selenium Web Driver serves as the bot’s foundation, and it scrapes data from YouTube videos with the help of a BeautifulSoup library written in Python. A single instance of the bot may be run numerous times using a variety of proxies in order to create more views, and it can also be used to raise the number of views on a certain video.

MShawon / youtube-bot

YouTube-Viewer python

The “Twitch YouTube bot” is yet another well-known and popular YouTube view bot that is built on Python. The videos with the greatest views on Twitch are automatically compiled by this bot and then uploaded to YouTube. Python 3 serves as its foundation, and the procedure is automated with the help of the Selenium package. Increase the number of views on Twitch videos that have been posted to YouTube with the help of this bot, which was developed to be compatible with both the Twitch API version 5 and the YouTube API.

youtube-video-viewer-bot 1.0.0

Another Python library that may be used to enhance the number of views on YouTube videos is known as the “Youtube-Video-Viewer-Bot”. This library makes advantage of browser automation in order to view a video for the amount of time that has been provided. Windows is the only operating system that supports it at the moment.

poseidon-code / youtube-viewbot

The “YouTube Viewbot” is yet another well-known YouTube view bot that is built on Python. Poseidon-code is responsible for its creation, and the Selenium Web Driver is used in it. FreeProxyList is a website that offers free proxies, and the software that it uses is open source and distributed under the MIT license. Before using this bot, users are encouraged to read the disclaimer, as it is vital to keep in mind that it is part of a research project that is still in the testing phase.

aidan846 / Youtube-View-Bot

A simple YouTube view bot developed using Python and given the name “Youtube-View-Bot” [5]. This bot has the potential to raise the total number of views for a given video, despite the fact that the way YouTube operates means that not every view will be counted. The bot may be operated with little effort, and the README file includes comprehensive instructions for doing so.

natrixdev / youtube-view-bot

Another YouTube view bot written in Python may be found in the “yt”. It also includes a user guide that walks you through the steps of installing and using the bot. The bot calls for the Selenium and time libraries, both of which can be accessed and installed through pip.

How to Create a YouTube View Bot with Python

Tutorial on how to increase YouTube views using Python. This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a bot that can increase the views on a particular video.


  • Install python: In order to develop a view bot, you will need to first ensure that Python is installed on your own computer. You may get it by going to the official Python website and downloading it.
  • Pick a package: If you want to use Python to create a view bot on YouTube, you may pick from one of numerous packages that are available. You may also use pytube and youtube-dl, which are two popular alternatives.
  • You’ll need to create the code after you’ve selected your package the next step, after selecting your package, is to write the code for your view bot. This will contain instructions for watching movies and submitting queries to the servers that are maintained by YouTube.
  • Test your bot before using It on your own video It is a good idea to test your bot on a separate account before using it on your own videos. This will ensure that it is functioning properly.

Pros & Cons using Python YouTube view bots

According to search result information, YouTube is able to identify bot views, which may result in adverse effects for the user, such as the suspension of their account. As pointed out in research, one of the advantages of making use of these bots is that they make the process of boosting the number of views on a video more automated.

The development of a YouTube watch bot may be made easier because to Python’s broad library support, which is discussed in point. This is another reason why it’s essential to remember that Python offers such support. For instance, using Python, a simple program for automating views on YouTube may be constructed.


  • Ability to adapt and a simple interface.
  • Extremely quick development and integration with production systems and Amazon Web Services tools.
  • Adaptability and a comprehensive toolkit that may be used for a large variety of different uses.


  • Ineffective in mobile computing and unable to communicate with mobile operating systems in a satisfactory manner.
  • A high demand placed on the memory.
  • There are speed restrictions, and you can’t use several threads.


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In conclusion, Python YouTube Bots for boosting have the potential to be an effective tool for raising the amount of views that your videos get and for enhancing your overall online visibility.

It is crucial to have a solid understanding of the processes and procedures involved in the creation of a YouTube View Bot, regardless of whether you want to build your own View Bot from the ground up, buy one that is already built, or utilize a simple script.

You will be able to construct a bot that meets your requirements and assists you in achieving your objectives on YouTube if you proceed in this manner.


Are Python YouTube view bots effective?

In most cases they are not effective.

Can YouTube detect Python bot views?

In most cases Yes, YouTube can detect Python bot views.

Are YouTube Python bots safe?

We don’t recommend using Python YouTube view bots. Using bots to artificially increase the number of views is against YouTube’s rules and could lead to your account being suspended or deleted.

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